John Holland

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2743 Westgate Ct.
Concord, CA 94520-5539
Telephone: 1-925-6099008

Internet: http://www.Jochanan.com
Position Sought
An interesting, challenging and active position that can exploit some of the varied and various skills accumulated during a not entirely uneventful lifetime.
Technical writing experience, 21 years
Technical writing management, 14 years
FrameMaker experience, ten years
Word for Windows experience, five years
WinHelp for context-sensitive on-line help on Windows NT, two years
HyperHelp of Bristol Technology, now designated HP Labs since acquisition in 2007 by Hewlett-Packard, for context-sensitive on-line help on UNIX, seven years
Direct conversion of FrameMaker to HTML, with frames, JavaScript and style sheets, four years
Context-sensitive on-line help using HTML with AWK scripts
Single source both for the context-sensitive on-line help, and for printed help
(In 1998 I attended a worldwide technical-writers convention in Anaheim, explicitly to network regarding single-source help, and found no one else who had attempted that feat!)
Electronics hardware documentation, six years
Software user documentation, 15 years
Writing API (application programming interface) documentation, nine years
Writing Bourne- and C-shell scripts, 15 years
Experience with UNIX, 14 years
Writing AWK scripts, two years
Experience with X Windows since its inception
Undergraduate degree in electrical engineering with minor in mechanical engineering
Three postgraduate degrees in theology, culminating in a Ph.D.
Postgraduate-level teaching experience, three years
Special knowledge of English grammar
Wrote entire 300-page dissertation without a single use of the passive voice
Knowledge of Spanish, French, Greek, Hebrew, with emphasis on grammar
Practical proficiency with Perl (Practical Extraction and Report Language)
In short, in matters vegetable, animal, and mineral,
He is the very model of a modern Writer-Technical.
—with apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan
Employment History
      Contra Costa Regional Medical Center, Martinez, CA; the county hospital for Contra Costa County in the San Francisco East Bay. Serving as a volunteer assisting and cheering up patients and visitors as needed. Once brought my toolbox to work in order to repair a broken wheelchair.
Enformia Ltd., acquired in 2003 by Magic Software Enterprises, Or Yehuda, Israel; a startup company producing an enterprise web portal for intranet, extranet and Internet applications. Worked as free-lance writer to establish the company technical-​writing department. Used FrameMaker to produce a single set of documentation for printing, for PDF files to be posted on the company Web site, and for generic HTML help using frames, style sheets, and JavaScript.
Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd., Herzliya, Israel. Manager, Technical Writing Department. Used FrameMaker and HyperHelp on Silicon Graphics UNIX hardware to produce a single set of documentation for both printed and context-sensitive, on-line use. Also used FrameMaker on Windows NT as a single source of documentation both for printing and for generic HTML help using frames, style sheets, and JavaScript. Produced and maintained an 1800-page API manual.
Visonic Ltd., Tel Aviv, Israel; large producer of electronic alarm systems, primarily for export. Manager, Technical Writing Department. Boldly established the department where none had existed before. Used Word for Windows to write documentation for microprocessor-controlled security systems. The company had purchased from Germany a very expensive machine for automated sold­ering of printed-circuit boards, but had never succeeded in getting it to function. On my last day at work there, I looked at the paltry German literature and showed them successfully how to operate it.
Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd., Herzliya, Israel; world leader of software for off-line programming and simulation of robotic applications; now a product line of Siemens AG. Senior technical writer; manager of department since 1986. Used Fortune 32:16, a UNIX-based word processor, to produce reference and training manuals for the company’s line of robotic applications. Dismantled and repaired the Fortune computer and remote terminals as required.
Motorola Israel, now Motorola Solutions, Tel Aviv, Israel; analog and digital electronics for irrigation control and two-way communications. Senior technical writer, group leader. Wrote technical manuals for RF, audio and digital hardware. Introduced computing and word processing to the technical-writing department of Motorola Israel. Security clearance required.
United Security Products, Livermore, CA; large producer of security devices. The only engineer in the company. Design of digital test equipment, customer support. Set up and handled alone their booth at a trade fair in Mexico City.
Galfon, Tel Aviv; sales and service of automotive electronics. Service engineer for automotive electronics, while studying Hebrew five evenings a week.
McKay Electronics, Oakland, CA; sales and service of automotive electronics. Service engineer for automotive electronics, while writing Ph.D. dissertation.
American Independent candidate for Congress, Oakland-Berkeley, CA, congressional district.
San Francisco Baptist Theological Seminary, CA. Assistant Professor. Taught at least one course in all five departments of the curriculum.
Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC. Full-time doctoral studies.
Radio station TGNA, Guatemala City. Station engineer. Design, construction, installation, and maintenance of all equipment for the AM, FM and shortwave radio station.
Rocketdyne in Sparks, NV., now a subsidiary of GenCorp designated Aerojet Rocketdyne and located near Sacramento, CA. Mechanical engineer. Environmental test of engines for the Gemini project; system maintenance and development. Security clearance required.
Higher Education
B.S., California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA. Electrical engineering, minor in mechanical engineering.
Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary, TX. Theology.
S.T.B., General Theological Seminary, New York, NY. Theology.
Diploma, Instituto de la Lengua Española, San José, Costa Rica. Spoken and written Spanish.
Ph.D., Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC. Theology.
FCC First Class Radiotelephone License.
Diploma, Ulpan Meir, Tel Aviv, Israel. Spoken and written Hebrew.
Mother tongue English.
Fluent written and spoken Spanish, but it’s fading.
Fluent spoken Hebrew, less fluent printed Hebrew, can decipher handwritten Hebrew with difficulty.
Can get along with effort in written and spoken French.
Knowledge of Greek grammar.
Born 1934: exempt from reserve duty (miluim).
Health: two weeks of work missed since 1967 due to illness.
Married, one grown son.
American and Israeli citizenship.
Interests: Building and rebuilding and debugging computers. Classical music, reading, and general household maintenance including wiring and plumbing. An occasional effort at playing the piano and organ when no one is near. Able to dismantle, repair and reassemble any and every part of a motor vehicle. Well, almost every.

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